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Melodic Enchantment
Etching on BFK Rives White 270 grs.
Image Size: 24" x 18"   ;    Paper Size: 34" x 26"
Edition of 55
Artist Notes:
"The harmonies in nature are subtle yet they have a resounding affect on our psyche. Like the notes of a musical instrument, blooms
rhythmically dance across stems and subliminally resonate within our souls."
Patricia Laspino
About the Orchid:
Orchids represent one of the largest, most diverse flowering plant families, with an estimated 25,000 naturally occurring species on
every continent with the exception of Antarctica. With an additional 130,000 man-made hybrids, I view orchids as artifacts of modern
society. This piece portrays a beautiful hybrid,
Cymbidium Mighty Sunset.