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Coral Fantasy
Original Oil on Canvas, 48" x 48"
Gallery Wrapped on 1 1/2" Depth Stretcher Bar

Cynorkis gibbosa
Artist Notes:
“The first step in shifting perceptions for positive change to preserve our fragile ecosystems is awareness of their beauty and diversity. As I studied
Cynorkis gibbosa, I thought of how one might pass by this orchid on a hike, thinking it to be a low growing wildflower and of little consequence
should it become extinct. The brilliant tangerine colored flowers are only an inch in size on spikes that loom 12 to 18 inches tall. Yet when I
magnified the small clustered flowers with paint on canvas, I experienced the otherworldly quality of this delicately beautiful orchid. Like coral
winged fairies right out of “Fantasia”, the blooms appear to hover, floating like celestial bodies."
About the Orchid:
Cynorkis is a genus with more than 125 species, with 20 species occurring on mainland Africa with the rest centered on Madagascar and its
associated islands. The subject of this painting,
Cynorkis gibbosa, is native to Madagascar and is one of the most dramatic and brightly colored. A
terrestrial orchid growing mostly at the forest’s edge in shaded areas, this orchid conserves water and stores nutrients in underground tubers, to
survive the dry season. The structure of the flower is linked to pollination by hawk moths, with the pollenia adhering to the moth’s eyes as it
searches for nectar in the flower’s spur.
Detail images of
Coral Fantasy....

....Showing the highly
textured sculptural
groundwork of fossilized
botanical impressions....

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The artist with Coral Fantasy at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Exhibition Photos  - Missouri Botanical Garden
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