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Dancing Diva
Original Oil on Board,  36" x 20"
Floater Framed - Cherry
Outside Dimension, 38" x 22"
About the Orchid:

Often called the “Cockleshell Orchid”, Prosthechea (syn. Encyclia) cochleata is another species native to southern Florida, the Caribbean and
Central America.  Long known in the botanical world, the species was first described as
Helleborine cochleato flore in 1703.  Endangered in
Florida this showy orchid is usually found there on trees a meter or two above the high water mark in a swamp where there is always standing
water. The water of the swamp provides thermal mass to protect this and other delicate orchids from cold weather that occasionally strikes
southern Florida. Flowering occurs almost throughout the year, individual flowers being produced sequentially.  This species, while slow
growing, is extremely adaptable and easy to grow in cultivation.
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