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Diamond Betty
Original Oil on Canvas, 25" x 31"
Artist Notes:
"She enjoyed all the finer 'things' in life associated with 'good taste'. She had style, grace and elegance with a touch of the rascal, which
facilitated her ability to charm when she flashed those baby blues. The finer things also included good food and the experience of cooking it,
a child's giggle, a moment of honesty between strangers, par on the course, a good joke, respecting another's opinion, a flower. The Asian
Cymbidium flower depicted in this painting was part of history even before the establishment of Western Civilization. Yet even today, it's
recognized as a symbol of elegance, virtue and friendship. As in ancient times, the Cymbidium is considered a gift of respect, a gift I give to
respect the memory of Betty, my mom, who taught me to appreciate the finer simplicities of life."