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Ethereal Ghosts I & Etherial Ghosts II
Original Oil on 1 1/2" Deep Panel
Each Panel is 25" x 46"
American Orchid Society -  Director of Education Note:
Dendrophylax lindenii
Florida’s Ghost Orchid

One of a small group of orchids that no longer depend on leaves for photosynthesis; plants, when not in flower, consist of only a tangled
mass of gray-green roots.  Native to isolated, swampy habitats in Southern Florida and at least Cuba, Dendrophylax (syn. Polyrrhiza)
lindenii, is considered an endangered plant in Florida and fully protected by Florida and Federal statues.  The stunning, 1½ x 3½ inch
flowers are produced sequentially during the summer months.  Since the roots of this orchid blend so well with its host tree, the flower
often seems to be floating in mid-air, hence its common name.  Powerfully fragrant at night, this species is pollinated by the Giant
Sphinx Moth, Cocytius antaeus.  
Artist's Notes:
"The Ghost Orchid continues to mystify and captivate my attention as an artist and as a scientist. The very fact this incredible plant
species has evolved to exist without leaves is a testament to the resilience and tenacity of the orchid. While painting Ethereal Ghosts, I
sought to capture the lively spirit of the flowers floating like airy apparitions. Like angels descending from above, they implore us to
cherish their ephemeral home."