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Ghost Orchid Sentinel
Original Oil on Canvas, 36" x 60"
Gallery Wrapped on 1 1/2" Depth Stretcher Bar

Dendrophylax lindenii
Artist Notes:
“Orchids depend on other plants, animals and insects for pollination and survival. Delicately balanced interdependencies with other organisms
make orchids extremely susceptible to the effects of global climate change and deforestation.  Most have evolved to attract one single specific
pollinator to one specific species of orchid. I consider the orchid to be an environmental indicator or the ‘the canary in the mine.’ Ghost Orchid
Sentinel is symbolic of the struggle to adapt as climate change and habitat loss play an ever increasing role in the survival of many orchid species.
The sculptural impressions in the background of this painting imply their fleeting existence."
About the Orchid:
One of a small group of orchids that no longer depend on leaves for photosynthesis; plants, when not in flower, consist of only a tangled
mass of gray-green roots.  Native to isolated, swampy habitats in Southern Florida and at least Cuba,
Dendrophylax (syn. Polyrrhiza) lindenii, is
considered an endangered plant in Florida and fully protected by Florida and Federal statutes.  The stunning, 1½” x 3½” flowers are produced
sequentially during the summer months.  Since the roots of this orchid blend so well with its host tree, the flower often seems to be floating in mid-
air, hence its common name, Ghost Orchid.  Powerfully fragrant at night, this species is pollinated by the Giant Sphinx Moth,
Cocytius antaeus.
The artist with Ghost Orchid Sentinel
Exhibition Photo - Missouri Botanical Garden
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