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Illuminated Vandas at Longwood
Original Oil on Canvas, 48" x 48"
Gallery Wrapped on 1 1/2" Depth Stretcher Bar

Vanda coerulea
Artist Notes:
"Sunlight filtered through the grand conservatory’s windows of Longwood Gardens, as I studied this orchid. Elongated patterns of light and dark fell
across the blue-violet and white Vandas, shadowing some, illuminating others.With both architectures-windows and petals-designed to inspire
with light, the Vandas appeared more like butterflies than flowers, their delicate blooms, sensual and mysterious.”
About the Orchid:
Originally described in 1847 Vanda coerulea, used to be widespread from the Khasia and Jyntea mountains in India through South China as an
epiphyte in dry oak forests at or above 4000 feet. This monopodial species, long used by the indigenous peoples of the region as a treatment for
lung disease, various digestive diseases and skin disorders produces its spectacular blue flowers, rare in the orchid world, on long
inflorescences arising from leaf axils near the top of the plant and is presumably pollinated by large Carpenter bees of the genus
Unfortunately due to severe pressure from over collecting and habitat destruction, these plants are virtually gone in the wild.  The good news is that
they are no longer listed on CITES, Appendix I; those plants and animals threatened with imminent extinction, thanks to captive breeding programs.
Detail images of
Illuminated Vandas....

....the artist's intent is to
capture the spirit of each
species she paints as
opposed to rendering them
as botanical illustrations.
Detail images of
Illuminated Vandas....

The painting references the distinctive windows
in the conservatory of Longwood Gardens. Each
botanic garden has its own signature design.
Detail images of
Illuminated Vandas....

The artist often paints over the under layers of intense color with a
darker color and then scrapes through that top layer
with a palette knife to reveal treasures beneath.
Original Oil Paintings           Etching
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