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Lady Sunset
Original Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"
American Orchid Society -  Director of Education Note:
Written records of Cymbidiums in cultivation go back to the time of Confusius (about 500BC).  Western hybridization of cool-growing
species native to the foothills of the Himalayas began with the registration of
Cym. Eburneo-lowianum (Cym. eburneum x Cym. lowianum)
by the firm of Messrs James Veitch & Sons of King’s Road, Chelsea in 1889.  The first artificial hybrids of
Cym. insigne started to emerge in
1911 with the registration of
Cym. Gottianum (insigne x eburneum).  The characteristics of tall inflorescences of several flowers borne well
above the foliage and large, long-lasting flowers in shades of pearly white to pastel pink revolutionized the industry.  Today, modern complex
Cymbidium hybrids such as the one that inspired this work come in all colors of the rainbow except blue.  In the wild the large-flowered
Cymbidium species are pollinated by species of bumblebees.
Artist's Notes:
"I feel the pulse of an increasingly technological world that is exponentially accelerating. I recognize our need to rely on technology as a
source of information to feed our minds, but of equal importance is our need to align or ground ourselves with nature and the earth. I paint
nature in a larger than life approach to challenge the viewer to stop for a moment and look deeper-to make a connection between the earth
and ourselves."