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Lady of the Night
Original Oil on Panel, 24" x 17"
Brassavola digbyana
About the Orchid:
This work was inspired by Rhyncholaelia (syn. Brassavola) digbyana. The flowers of Rhyncholaelia digbyana have been sensational
since they were first flowered in 1846. The species was named in honor of Edward St. Vincent Digby, Esq., an orchid fancier from
Minterne, Dorsetshire, England. Native of Central America, plants grow where it is bright, warm and humid on scrubby trees, the roots
often extending for over a meter on the bark. The whitish to apple green flowers are produced from May to August and produce a powerful
lemon scent at night which they use to attract the large Hawk or Sphinx moth which pollinates them. The species is the National Flower of
Honduras. The finely fimbriate lip of this species gives rise to its Mayan name, sak’ukumlol the white-feather flower. Many orchids are
used for medicinal purposes. Sap from Rhyncholaelia digbyana has been used to stop hemorrhages in wounds.  
Detail images of
Lady of the Night....
Details of
Lady of the NIght....

The artist often layers and
juxtaposes complementary
colors to visually stimulate... this case, deep gold and
vibrant plum.
Patricia Laspino