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American Orchid Society -  Director of Education Note:
Almost certainly Phalaenopsis equestris is found in the background of the small-flowered multifloral Phalaenopsis hybrid that inspired this
Phalaenopsis equestris, distributed from the Philippines to Taiwan, was described in 1843 by Schauer.  While highly variable in color,
this species is important in imparting compact flower size, plant size and branched inflorescences to its hybrids and
Phalaenopsis equestris
is in the background of nearly all so-called semi-alba (those with white flowers and a contrasting colored lip) as well striped hybrids.
Artist's Notes:
"This painting portrays an orchid commonly referred to as the moth or butterfly orchid. It is one of the most recognizably elegant of all the
orchid species. One solitary flower in full bloom on the stem exuding a strong and powerful presence. Butterflies symbolize beauty,
freedom, and the feeling associated with the nervousness one feels before a performance. When the lights come up our inner strength
and intuition take over so that we may perform, sometimes to our own surprise, perfectly. I dedicated this piece to my daughter, Laura, who
has shown great inner strength and resolve in the face of adversity in spite of the butterflies."
Laura's Butterflies
Original Oil on Canvas, 8" x 10"