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Mountain Pride
Original Oil on Panel, 28" x 24"
About the Orchid:
Of the more than 175 species of Disa, the vast majority are native to tropical and South Africa.  Called the “Pride of Table Mountain”, Disa uniflora is
by far the most striking and important species and parent in the genus.  Flowering occurs over a long period from December to March and mature
plants can carry an inflorescence up to a meter tall.  
Disa plants are exceptionally intolerant of poor water quality and have a fairly narrow range of
cultural conditions making them singularly susceptible to habitat loss as global climate changes
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Patricia Laspino
Artist Notes:
loral symbol of the Cape of South Africa, this orchid is entirely dependent on a complex pollination strategy of the Mountain Pride Butterfly. Nature
appears random, but seldom is. What looks on the surface to be quiet and still requires the intensity and vigor of giants.  As I dig deeper into my
exploration of the connections between myself and nature, I am continually awed by the interdependent relationships of plants and animals. The
orchid could not survive without the help of its butterfly pollinator, as we could not survive without plants in our world.