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Ports of Paradise Orchid
Orchid Symphony Suite II
Original Oil on Canvas, 60" x 48"
Gallery Wrapped on 1 1/2" Depth Stretcher Bar

Brassolaeliacattleya 'Ports of Paradise'
Artist Notes:
“In my view, the aesthetics of art and music are seamlessly intertwined; both deal with the appreciation of beauty through compositions that affect
our emotions and intellect. By interweaving elements of color, texture, rhythm and harmony, both disciplines engage the senses to incite our
passions. Orchids exude grace, elegance and perfection of form as do great classical music and art compositions. This painting was one of two
designed for the United States Botanic Garden’s “Orchid Symphony” exhibition in Washington DC in 2014. To emphasize the classical music
theme amidst flowing water fountains, I poised these stunning orchids against a background of swirling aqua blue. Over 250,000 visitors viewed
the exhibit.”
Detail images of
Ports of Paradise Orchid....

This painting furthers the
artist's series focused on
creating awareness for
important botanical institutions
around the world.

Her paintings seek to illuminate
how art can benefit science.
Exhibition Photos - Missouri Botanical Garden
About the Orchid:
Brassolaeliacattleya 'Ports of Paradise', is a playfully colorful orchid showing the best of multi-generic hybridizing. One parent in this orchid’s
Brassavola digbyana, is recognized by its large, fringed lip, reminiscent of a frilly skirt.  In the painting, the "Ports of Paradise Orchid",
is portrayed as a portrait accentuating its most striking attribute, the dancing fringed lip and its capacity for attraction. The ‘Ports of Paradise Orchid’
represent a superior hybrid orchid that emphasizes the concept of the beauty and diversity of all orchids. The creation of these hybrid varieties is an
example of the human quest for beauty.
Monsanto Hall Gallery
Detail images of
Ports of Paradise.....

Swirling textures in the painting's background
give the feeling of flowing water.
Detail images of
Ports of Paradise Orchid....

The artist often creates thematic
shapes to sculpt into the
background layers.
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