Original Oil Paintings           Etchings
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Original Oil on Board,  31" x 20"
Framed & Floated on 1 1/4" Hand Painted Panel
About the Orchid:

Found from Mexico to Venezuela, Brassia verrucosa, was my inspiration for this work.  One of the finest species in the genus, the flowers can
reach up to 10” or more in length.  Plants are epiphytes in wet forest at elevations from sea level up to over 4500 feet.  Commonly called
Spider Orchids,
Brassias employ entomophily for pollination.  In this case, specifically by female spider-hunter wasps of the genera Pepsis
Campsomeris. The wasp, mistaking the lip patterning for spider prey, grasps the lip and, while trying to sting the lip, comes into contact
with the pollinarium.  To further illustrate the complexities of the world, small spiders whose coloration is so close to that of the
Brassia flower
that its presence goes undetected lurk among the flowers waiting to feed on the spider-hunter wasps.
Patricia Laspino
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Detail of Rapture....

....Showing the highly
textured sculptural
groundwork of fossilized
botanical impressions on
the hand painted panel....

....and the stepped framing