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Original Oil on Canvas, 72" x 48"
Gallery Wrapped on 1 1/2" Depth Stretcher Bar

Psychopsis papilio
Artist Notes:
“Sirens in Greek mythology enchanted with beautiful song. Like the fabled sirens who lured Vikings to their watery fate, the seductive orchid
beckons its pollinators with striking markings, shapes, and scents to entice. As I studied this species on a larger scale, I too became enchanted by
a plant which appears more like an insect than a flower. The striking markings and intricate geometries of this arboreal orchid resemble a landing
pad, enticing insects to the target at the center of the flower’s reproductive system."
Detail images of

Lively transparent
brushstrokes on the
surface overlay vigorous
texture underneath.

One can almost sense this
orchid's pollinator , a
butterfly, hovering nearby...
About the Orchid:
Called the Butterfly Orchid, Psychopsis (syn. Oncidium) papilio is the inspiration for this work.  Psychopsis is a genus of four species distributed
from Costa Rica to Peru.  The very large flowers are produced sequentially almost throughout the year at the ends of very long, thin inflorescences.  
Pollinated by a species of South American butterfly, the flowers resemble the female of the species and the male butterflies effect pollination while
attempting to mate with it (pseudo-copulation).  The production of individual flowers “hovering” well-above the foliage further enhances the butterfly
The artist often emphasizes the evolutionary marvels
of her orchid subjects. In this painting, the
background mirrors the color of the orchid itself,
implying the interconnectedness of nature.
Exhibition Photos - Missouri Botanical Garden
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