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Swirling Nymphs
Original Oil on Canvas, 40" x 30"
Gallery Wrapped on 1 1/2" Depth Stretcher Bar

Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin
Artist Notes:
“Although my paintings exhibit a strong fidelity to nature, my intention is to capture the spirit or essence of the flower, selectively emphasizing the
evolutionary marvels of each species. My large-scale canvases seek to entice the viewer to journey into the orchid’s exotic environment - to
experience the world from a bug’s eye view. The background of “Swirling Nymphs” is vigorously layered with complementary colors which capture
light to achieve a swirling flow of vibrant luminosity.”
About the Orchid:
Very few of the 130,000 or more orchid hybrids are ever made more than once and fewer still stand the test of time.  Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin,
the inspiration for "Swirling Nymphs", is one of these rare hybrids.  The cross,
Paph. (philippinense x rothschildianum), was originally registered in
1901 and has been remade many times; each succeeding remake of higher quality than its predecessor.  Paph. Philippinense is widely
distributed throughout the Philippines but uncommon anywhere in its range, while Paph. rothschildianum, often called the King of Orchids, is
found only in three sites on the lower slopes around Mount Kinabalu, Borneo.  In at least one of these sites it is now assuredly extinct.  The entire
Paphiopedilum is considered critically endangered and international trade in these species and hybrids is strictly controlled by CITES
Detail images of
Swirling Nymphs.......

....This painting is an
excellent example of the
artist's style of applying
independent layers of
complimentary colors to
create a vibrational visual
response. Yellow golds
underneath the purple
grays on the surface
create a vibrant energy.
The artist works on multiple paintings at one time to allow the
independent layers of paint to thoroughly dry before applying
the next layer.
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