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Three Zinnias
Original Oil on Canvas, 40" x 30"
Artist Notes:
"Ephemeral zinnias are gracefully poised on lithe stems in the fleeting rays of the summer's early evening sun. Perfectly intense in color
and form, nature's palette is most extraordinary. Just as the day's last light animates the floral surface like a glowing ember, I persuade
light to vibrate through a multitude of applied glaze layers. The deeply textured canvas surface is an implication of the environment's
diverse textures and the rich fabric of systemic life taking place within.
Three Zinnias continues my work creating floral conversations -
using the universality of the flower as the language to communicate with the viewer on a subliminal level. My intention is to create a
space to encourage the participant to look at the familiar and the everyday in a fresh new light."