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Tibetan Sentinel
Original Oil on Panel, 45" x 20"

Crypotchilus Sanguineus
Artist Notes:
“The unique shape of this orchid is a testament to the endless diversity of orchid plant species. As an artist, fascinating
species like the ‘fishbone orchid’ propel me forward to explore nature’s vibrant spectrum of color and powerful yet eloquent
form. As a naturalist, I am again pleasantly astonished by yet another wonder of evolution. These blooms are tiny temples
that command my respect."
About the Orchid:
Cryptochilus sanguineus, was the inspiration for this work.  The name is a combination of the Greek krypto (hidden) and
cheilos (lip) and the Latin sanguineus (blood red) aptly describing the strange flowers.  A close relative of Eria, Cryptochilus
contains but two or three species which are rather rare in today’s orchid collections.
 Cryptochilus sanguineus grows in a
monsoonal climate in the mountains of Nepal, northeastern India, Bhutan and Myanmar at elevations between 4200 and
7700 feet.  In this habitat, the winter months are decidedly drier and brighter than the other months of the year and successful
cultivation depends on providing a dry winter rest. From its bright red color and cool climate, the pollinator is most likely a
nectar-feeding bird.
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