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Angel Wings
Original Oil on Panel,  24" x 20"
American Orchid Society - Director of Education Note:
Found in southern Mexico southward to Panama epiphytically in scrub cloud forest and the pine-oak-Liquidambar forests that cover extensive areas
of the region. This forest occurs in a karstic area with moist microhabitats in sinkholes and dolines, forming a complex mosaic with the mountain
rain forest. These pine-oak-Liquidambar forests are rich in epiphytes and the tree branches are often covered in tank Bromeliads and orchids. Now
known as Rhynchostele bictoniensis, this delightful cool-growing species has a long and checkered history with regard to its name but molecular
genetic analysis places it rather far removed to Odontoglossum.
Angel Wings is framed and floated on a dimensional  oil painting on panel executed by the artist.
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Artist Notes:
The inspiration for this work is another masterpiece of the hybridizer’s art. Two closely related but geographically widely separated genera have
been brought together to achieve a depth of color and balance of symmetry pleasing to the eye.
Patricia Laspino