About the Artist
Patricia Laspino received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bowling Green State University in 1977. Here she majored in Fine Art and
concentrated her fields of study and studio specialization on painting, drawing and sculpture. After completing preparatory course work
in Biological Illustration with the B.G.S.U. College of Arts and Sciences, she also received an academic minor in Biology, with focused
study on botany and horticulture. She later went on to master her skills in biological illustration doing post graduate work with the Guild
of Natural Science Illustrators at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Patricia established her artistic proficiency over the
last 30 years, with a specialization in oil painting, mixed media compositions and three-dimensional sculpture.

The art of Patricia Laspino exudes a serene beauty that transcends style or period. She forges a synergistic relationship between art,
popular culture, and scientific illustration. Nature has been a primary inspiration in Pat's life as well as the focus of her art. She
interprets a familiar floral subject, like orchids, but offers a fresh perspective through her oil paintings. Because she considers herself
"an artist/scientist", her work exhibits a strong fidelity to nature.
For Patricia, nature is a fundamental spiritual reality and she takes a bold and intimate approach to convey this message. Her imagery
offers an intimate view of the orchid, a close-up and personal portrayal of the sublime architecture of the flower. Her bold and concise
views transport you to a moment frozen in time where you are truly in touch with the beauty and synchronicity of nature. Her intention is
to create a sanctuary within her paintings - a place of repose and of healing.

Considering herself a composer in art much the same as a musical composer, her carefully constructed compositions entice you to
linger and textures resembling fossilized flora and fauna, she skillfully applies as many as 70-80 transparent  layers of oil paint like
veils, to animate and illuminate from within. Through carefully juxtaposing contrasting hues and shadows, she dramatically portrays
the sublime and temporal florescence of her orchid subjects. Her compositions romantically illustrate the sensual forms of nature and
are as compelling as the exotic species they depict.

She lists several artists as being very influential in her work, including Georgia O'Keeffe and her view that, "the moods and qualities of
nature and the revelations of great art are equally difficult to define; we can grasp them only in the depths of our perceptive spirit." Also
the work and philosophies of Ansel Adams who wrote,"If a man nurtures his sensitive awareness of the natural world with experience
and contemplation, his spirit will remain young." Other masters who influence Patricia's work are Titian, Matisse and Cassatt to name
a few.

Patricia Laspino's paintings are exhibited in fine art galleries, retail establishments and private and public collections across the
United States. Her work hangs in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, the US
House of Representatives, the US Botanic Garden, the American Orchid Society, and the Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale among

Artist Statement

“Over the past forty years of my career as a professional artist, I have been interested in the natural world and my response to its
beauty, diversity and the power it has to influence. I have chosen the floral, specifically orchids, as my primary focus of interest, using
the orchid as a symbol or metaphor in my paintings to explore cultural and biological evolution, biodiversity and conservation. My past
experiences and historical research on this plant species have led me to become passionate about using the orchid as a powerful
vehicle to stimulate awareness for global stewardship, so much so that I have created the
Orchid Alliance Project-Bridging Art &
for this purpose.

My painting process involves 60-80 transparent layers of oil color over a sculptured groundwork of fossilized botanical impressions,
creating a naturalistic vocabulary of reoccurring shapes, designs, textures and colors. I use layers of paint to capture light, animating
the surfaces to achieve vibrancy luminosity and drama. These backgrounds are complete abstract paintings in and of themselves,
their interwoven organic shapes appearing like ghostly fossils. Upon these botanic tapestries I paint the diverse architecture of the
orchid, which I consider an icon of evolution.

My oeuvre explores the fundamental attractive shapes and designs of nature where symmetry, color, pattern all play important roles on
nature’s grand stage of attraction. Humans, flowers and animals inhabit forms that are both aesthetic and functional. Are these forms
hard wired for beauty? I seek to provide a fresh perspective on finding new connections between humans, our perception of beauty
and the natural world, furthering my communication that in science there is art and in art, there is science. My mission is to create
imagery and events in which the fusing of art and science will reveal previously unseen beauty, in order to create a sense of wonder,
instill a purpose of discovery, appreciation and inspire action to further the long term stewardship of the natural world."
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Patricia Laspino